Improve cell rejuvenation for healthier aging

NMN aids energy metabolism and genomic repair at the cellular level. Plus, it may improve insulin sensitivity and eye function.

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Supports Healthy Aging

Dr. Emil’s NMN helps boost NAD+ levels which deplete as we grow older. NAD+ is a natural substance found in cells, which activates the enzymes that promote longevity.

Increases Energy

Dr. Emil’s NMN has been proven to increase energy levels, suppress age-associated weight gain and support a healthy metabolism. As the precursor for NAD+, NMN is essential to support the energy factories (mitochondria) within the cells.

Regulates Glucose & Inflammation

Dr. Emil’s NMN can help support the regulation of glucose metabolism and lower the levels of inflammation that naturally start to cause damage as we grow older, causing the symptoms of aging.

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