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7 Warning Signs Your Body Needs Detoxification

Every day people are exposed to toxins from consumer products and the environment. Researchers in the US found more than 400 environmental chemicals in human samples

Some people exposed to toxins experience minor health issues. Others with higher risks may develop chronic illnesses. To avoid such outcomes, people sometimes do natural body cleanses (also called detoxification).  

This article will guide your journey to understanding detoxification. It provides seven warning signs you need a detox and how you can step up with a body detoxification plan. 

How Does Body Detoxification Work?

The organs do the bulk of the detox work. The liver filters toxins in the blood through phagocytosis. Natural bacteria in the large intestine or colon remove the toxins in food waste. 

For people whose organs might have issues detoxifying, lifestyle changes can be helpful. These changes include regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight. 

Moderate drinking and eating only nutrient-rich foods are great detox habits, too. Others prefer fasting and taking diuretics, but these measures need utmost care. 

7 Warning Signs Your Body Needs Detoxification

Our bodies have a way of informing us when something isn't right. When the body's organs can't filter toxins anymore, people experience specific symptoms. 

These symptoms serve as your body's warning signs. If left unaddressed, the symptoms could worsen over time, leading to health issues and costly treatments.

  1. Constant Fatigue

Consuming food that has pesticides and other chemicals can lead to toxin buildup. High toxin levels can result in elevated cortisol levels. Aside from constant fatigue, you might experience the following: 

  • Body aches
  • Nervousness
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Digestive problems

To find the appropriate treatment, patients need to visit a healthcare provider. They will likely prescribe you dietary supplements or some form of detoxification. 

  1. Autoimmunity

Without detoxifying, toxins can remain and accumulate in the body. It could cause autoimmunity, particularly for genetically susceptible individuals. 

With autoimmunity, your immune system attacks the healthy cells. Patients experience fatigue, recurring fevers, joint pain, swollen glands, skin problems, and abdominal pain. 

  1. Impaired Digestion

Microbes in the gut help digest food nutrients. However, its composition is dependent on the environment and what you eat. 

Toxins can kill healthy microbes and reduce their numbers in your gut, affecting your stomach's ability to digest food. They could also induce gut microbiome toxicity that causes other problems like colorectal cancer and inflammatory bowel disease.

  1. Mood Swings and Anxiety

Toxins can harm the neurons in the brain and speed up its aging process. Patients may experience issues with their memory, moods, and anxiety. 

A 2017 case highlighted the risks of toxin-induced mental health issues. It was about a young, healthy individual who presented acute anxiety. Full medical tests showed nothing remarkable. 

However, the patient's history revealed he suffered exposure to a neurotoxic solvent for a long time. Unfortunately, the impact was irreversible, and he developed severe anxiety and depression. 

  1. Body Weight Oscillation

A healthy metabolism is one of the signs that your body is undergoing detoxification. But high toxin levels disrupt the body's metabolism. 

The body swings from gaining weight to losing weight (the majority of the time, you'll gain weight). This makes body weight oscillation a very frustrating experience for most people.

  1. Skin Problems

When the body's detox process works, toxins are released through your sweat—one of the common signs of body detoxification. 

Toxins in the air show up as particulate matter, which can worsen acne. Toxin contact with the skin increases its inflammatory response.  

Professionals exposed to chemicals like pesticides and solvents may experience dermal absorption. The toxins travel through the body, enter the bloodstream, and damage organs. 

Another skin reaction involves symptoms such as itching, redness, wheals, and scaly skin. Contact dermatitis or eczema occurs when your skin comes in contact with toxins. 

Aloe vera gel can help relieve some of these symptoms, but it’s not a cure. Make sure to visit a doctor to obrain the proper treatment for these conditions.

  1. Brain Disorders

Toxin-induced brain disorders are one of the most alarming warning signs. It may require costly testing (e.g., spinal fluid examination). In worse cases, brain disorders are irreversible. 

Prolonged exposure to toxins can trigger a condition that alters brain function. Encephalopathy may cause you to feel lethargic. Symptoms include progressive loss of memory, consciousness, and even cognitive ability.

Toxins in everyday products are used to improve their characteristics (e.g., surfactants) and are called persistent organic pollutants. These toxins have been linked with neurodevelopmental disorders and neurodegenerative diseases

Detoxify Your Body Today

Creating a body detoxification plan can be overwhelming if you aren't aware of when you need a body detox. These warning signs show how toxins can impact your overall health. 

With a body detoxification plan, you can be more aware of your body's detox needs. If you need further guidance, be open to various options from reputable detox experts and enjoy toxin-free living.

You should consult a licensed health care professional before starting any supplement, dietary, or exercise program, especially if you are pregnant or have any pre-existing injuries or medical conditions.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.