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Best Spermidine Supplements of 2023

Main Image Courtesy of Nutra Ingredients

The polyamine compound known as spermidine has been on the rise in recent years, due to a number of holistic health benefits it can offer. Initially found in human sperm by a Dutch scientist in the 1600s, spermidine is made from its precursor called putrescine and another polyamine associated with cellular function called spermine. Polyamines play a number of valuable roles, which include apoptosis, cell growth, cell proliferation, and DNA stability. Spermidine is essential for healthy tissue growth and function due to its growth factors during cell division. 

Some of the holistic health benefits spermidine offers can include disease protection, hair health, and even areas of fertility and other diseases like the coronavirus. Spermidine supplements are offered to help boost our overall health and promote healthy aging. 

In this article, I will be covering spermidine a little bit more in depth with points that include:

  • Science of how spermidine works within our bodies
  • Benefits of spermidine supplements
  • Best spermidine supplements on the market today

Science Behind Spermidine 

Dietary supplements can help us provide our body with certain nutrients, or protect us against deficiencies. With spermidine supplements, we take in various active ingredients that control the molecular pathways and how we age. Molecular and cellular damage will typically arise within our bodies as we age, and supplements like spermidine will focus on the aging process instead of actually aging itself. More specifically, spermidine will induce the process of cellular rejuvenation known as autophagy. During the process of autophagy, cells will reuse old organelles to reach cellular renewal and reap all of those anti-aging benefits. 

Where Can Spermidine Be Found?

Spermidine can be found in our eukaryotic cells, which play a vital role in our cell metabolism. Spermidine is also found in some of the foods we eat, as well as supplements that can be consumed by a tablet or powder which contain varying levels of concentration. 

Foods that contain high amounts of spermidine include the following:

  • Vegetables
  • Soybean Products
  • Cereals
  • Cheeses

Spermidine Benefits

As mentioned previously, spermidine can provide a number of benefits towards our holistic health. Continue reading to learn how spermidine works to provide them!

Health + Prevent Aging Diseases

Along with a healthy diet and sufficient exercise to take care of physical health, longevity supplements like spermidine can work to increase our health and longevity. Age-related diseases, such as cancer, metabolic disease, heart disease, and neurodegeneration can be reduced due to a large intake of spermidine 

Spermidine dissolves amyloid-beta proteins through autophagy, which can have a neuroprotective effect against neurological issues like inflammation, ischemia, and oxidative stresses. Autophagy can also provide positive effects on neurodegeneration, working to improve memory and limit cognitive decline by dissolving the amyloid-beta plaque of the brain. With more of this plaque buildup, comes more risk for developing a neurodegenerative disease like Alzheimer’s. 

Promote Healthy Aging

Spermidine supplements can help with some of the physical signs of aging, which can promote things like thicker hair, longer lashes and nail growth, as well as improvements in signs of wrinkles. In a study done with mice, it was shown that spermidine is most effective in skin antiaging. Spermidine can promote healthy aging by promoting the production of:

  • Collagen
  • Elastic and lipids in cells
  • Overall improvements in both skin structure and barrier function

Promote Longevity 

To put it in scientific terms, spermidine can work to improve our longevity by preventing telomere attrition and stabilizing the mitochondrial DNA. Like all DNA, the mDNA in cells can mutate, which can lead to aging and reduced lifespan. This mutating DNA can be protected by spermidine and preserve its integrity, which has the potential to be useful in longevity applications. It can also help prevent the end caps of chromones from shortening with age, which directly affects longevity. A study also revealed that supplements containing spermidine can protect cardiac tissue from damage caused by oxidative stress.

No matter how hard we try to avoid it, our body will eventually begin to accumulate damage that is referred to as the “hallmarks of aging.” Through cellular renewal being induced by the process referred to previously as autophagy, spermidine can help improve the more “aesthetic” signs of aging that also promote longevity. 

Reproductive Fertility Improvement 

The use of sperm can help improve fertility in both men and women. Due to the rising cost of living, societal pressures, and the global population, many people are avoiding giving birth. They may also encounter various problems conceiving a child. When women reach the age of 45, menopause can begin. The ovaries can also age five times faster than other organs.

Spermidine has been studied as a potential fertility aid due to how it can prevent the buildup of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the ovaries, which can damage the eggs.

In the ovaries, the presence of ROS can lead to the development of abnormal stem cells, which can prevent them from producing viable eggs. A study conducted on the effects of spermidine on the production of stem cells and autophagy revealed that it can reduce the damage caused by oxidative stress.

This supplement could be utilized in fertility therapies. While men do not experience the same decline in fertility as women during menopause, spermidine can still provide some benefits towards male fertility. Since this substance was first found in semen, it plays an important role in the production of sperm. The levels of this chemical are lower compared to fertile individuals in infertile men. 

Top 6 Spermidine Supplements of 2023

Now that you’re a bit more familiar with the various benefits spermidine can offer, check out some of the top supplements that are out there on the market today! Spermidine supplements can be taken by a supplement or powder. 

What to Look For in High Quality Spermidine:

  • Dose: Up to 8 mg per day is the recommended amount.
  • Organic: Spermidine gets extracted from various foods, and GMO products will concentrate the toxins.
  • Harmful Ingredients: Companies can use harmful excipients, flow agents, binders, and fillers in spermidine supplements, so it’s important to check the label before you purchase a product. 
  • Facility: All products should be produced to GMP and ISO9001 standards.
  • Form: Spermidine can come in powder, topical, tablet, and capsule form.

Renue by Science Lipo Spermidine 

Renue by Science Lipo Spermidine
Image Courtesy of Renue by Science, where you can purchase these supplements today for $81.25

Stand out qualities of this first supplement include:

  • The quality of Renue's products is first and foremost. They are made in FDA-approved facilities, and they display their lab results so you can be assured that everything is pure.
  • Unfortunately, spermidine is known to have poor bioavailability. This is because it can affect the absorption of nutrients in human bodies, but Renue’s formulation utilizes a liposomal delivery system.
  • When spermidine molecules are encapsulated in a lipid coating, they can endure our digestion environment and reach our bloodstream.
  • The cost of many spermidine products is high due to its cutting-edge nature. But, Renue's product is more affordable, and it comes in at 4 mg per serving. Receive great value while also receiving great quality with these supplements!

Longevity Labs SpermidineLife Extra+

Longevity Labs SpermidineLife Extra+
Image Courtesy of Amazon, where you can find these supplements for $188. More on the expensive side, but you will be receiving one of the best quality products!

Longevity Labs produces various types of spermidine products in Austria using a patented process. This method ensures that their product is pure and consistent. Their formulation also involves the use of other polyamines, such as spermine and micronutrients.

It's not a surprise that Longevity Labs is  one of the top spermidine companies in the world. They have numerous awards and patents to support the work they have done. Longevity Labs'  version is a higher dosage of spermidine than their original. 

Oxford Primeadine Spermidine

‍Oxford Primeadine Spermidine
Image Courtesy of Oxford Healthspan, where you can purchase these spermidine supplements to keep you on track for a 3 month supply.

Primeadine's formula in their spermidine supplements is unique because it avoids unnecessary fillers and synthetic ingredients. Oxford Healthspan sources its raw materials from Japan, but the final product is then manufactured in a facility that is FDA-certified.

Prebiotic fiber has been added to Primeadine to nourish the gut's Bacteroides and Fuso-producing bacteria which works to increase the levels of spermidine in the body.

The company's marketing campaign has revolved around the supplement's various aesthetic benefits, such as improving nails, fuller hair, glowing skin, and reducing wrinkles. Primeadine might just be that next addition to your beauty routine!

Do Not Age Spermidine 

Do Not Age Spermidine 
These spermidine supplements are completely vegan-friendly, and can be sold in two quantities that consist of either 60 ($69) or 366 ($375). Image Courtesy of DoNotAge

One of the most popular longevity supplement companies out there today is Do Not Age (DNA). The company is known for their sirtuins-activating products, such as the SIRT6 activator. This product is unique because it contains 400mg of wheat germ extract, which provides 4mg of spermidine. It also has 1 mg of Zinc Picolinate, which is up to 4 times more potent than competitors.

The company uses the GMP and ISO9001 standards to ensure that their spermidine is produced and stored in the best possible conditions. Most companies also store their products in hot, humid warehouses. This can degrade and oxidize the supplement, which can prevent it from remaining potent. 

Double Wood Spermidine

Double Wood Spermidine
Image Courtesy of Double Wood, where you can purchase these supplements for a great price of $49.95.

You may be familiar with the company Double Wood if you're a user of other anti-aging supplements, such as NMN. Double Wood was one of the stand out companies to make the supplement so popular, as well as affordable. However it’s important to note that the company does not disclose much about their processes, safety testing, or purity.

According to the company, their capsules are lab-tested and manufactured in the U.S., though it’s not certain if they’re actually pure. The Double Wood label claims that theirs are gluten-free and non-GMO.

Most brands use wheat germ as their spermidine source. Double Wood, on the other hand, makes it using Putrescine. Since there is currently little research on how this method works, we don't know much about its benefits or how it can be absorbed. Each bottle of Double Wood's product comes with 120 capsules. 

SuperSmart Spermidine

SuperSmart Spermidine
Image Courtesy of Supersmart, where you can purchase these supplements for a very reasonable price of $50.

The reduction in cellular spermidine levels is one of the most common signs of aging. Supersmart Spermidine can help boost spermidine levels both in a natural and healthy way.

Other than a reasonable price of only $50, other main pros to these supplements include:

  • All-natural ingredients 
  • Completely vegan
  • Additive-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Nano-particle free
  • Fast shipping

Get Your Spermidine Today

Spermidine has the ability to work wonders, especially when it comes to healthy aging and driving away some of those age related diseases. As far as physical health goes, spermidine can also give us more of those desired aesthetic effects like thicker hair and longer nail growth. Why not give it a shot—try spermidine out today!

You should consult a licensed health care professional before starting any supplement, dietary, or exercise program, especially if you are pregnant or have any pre-existing injuries or medical conditions.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.