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Do You Know How Important Good Sleep is for Your Health?

As we go about our lives day to day, it can feel like a whirlwind. With jobs, school, family, activities, and self-care, it can be hard to slow down and find time for restful sleep. While we like to keep busy schedules and stay active, it’s just as important for our bodies to to rest and recharge every night. Many people fall into the trap of sacrificing sleep for productivity--which is a big no! Just because you have a lot of things you’d like to get accomplished during the day, that’s no excuse to skimp out on sleep. Along with a healthy diet and exercise, getting a good night sleep is one of the best things you can do for your body. 

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Want to know how important sleep is to us? Keep reading because we’re going to discuss:

  • The importance of sleep on your health
  • Ways to make sure you’re getting the right amount of sleep

How Important is Sleep to Your Health?

Restful sleep is an important factor to maintain a healthy lifestyle

man sleeping
Are you getting the right amount of restful sleep every night? It’s important that you are!

Many people think that healthy diets and exercise are the keys to maintaining our bodies, but they forget the other important piece of this puzzle, which is sleep! We all know what it’s like after a night of restless sleep, or a bout of insomnia--we don’t feel like ourselves the next day. We’re drained and struggle to make it through the day. No one wants this to happen to them, but unfortunately, sacrificing sleep in the name of productivity (or just to catch up on our favorite streaming show) has become commonplace in our society. This is why we think it’s important to take some time and discuss why sleep is so important to our health

Good sleep is vital for mental and emotional health

When you close your eyes each night, your body is given a chance to recharge and to reset. This is an especially important time for the brain, so that it can get ready for the next day and form new pathways to remember important information. Good sleep allows us to learn new things and make informed and logical decisions. That fuzzy, cloudy feeling you have when you haven’t gotten enough sleep can seriously impair your judgment, and makes it difficult to concentrate on even the smallest decisions. 

When you get good sleep you’re not irritated, you can connect with people easily and make yourself understood. With a good sleep, your cognition, concentration, and productivity are all at the levels they should be, and you can be your best.

Sleep keeps us physically healthy and safe

alarm clock
Sometimes getting the required amount of sleep is difficult, but not to worry, it’s far from impossible!

Sleep requires that both the body and the mind slow down and rest. While we can see the benefits mentally after getting a good night’s sleep, you also see the benefits of sleep physically. The body heals itself while in a restful state, and cells can repair themselves. Lack of sleep can lead to problems with heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes. There is also a higher risk of obesity in people who do not get the right amount of sleep each night. 

Sleep helps balance hormones, and not getting enough of it can have an impact on how your body regulates the hormones associated with hunger (ghrelin) and fullness (leptin). Without the right amount of sleep, your body doesn't process insulin as it should, which can lead to higher blood sugar levels and diabetes. 

It’s always a good idea to keep your immune system operating a best it can to help fight off bacteria and viruses. Ensuring you get your hours of sleep each night is just as important to your immune system as maintaining a healthy diet, taking the right immune supplements, and sticking to an exercise routine. 

After a night of poor sleep, we don’t feel like ourselves. But did you know that it can also put us at risk of injury? Sleep deprived people are less productive, make a greater amount of mistakes, and have a slower reaction time, which can be dangerous especially if driving is involved. This is why it is critical to ensure you’re doing all you can to get a restful night of sleep. 

Key takeaways:

  • Sleep is just as important to our health as diet and exercise.
  • A good night’s rest allows your brain to recharge for the day ahead.
  • Having a sleep routine ensures that you’re allowing your body to rest so you can take on the day ahead. 

How Can You Ensure You’re Getting the Sleep You Need?

Make it a point to get restful sleep each night

Adding a sleep supplement could be a great way to ensure your body gets the rest it needs.

You wouldn’t skimp out on healthy food and maintaining an active lifestyle to keep your body fit, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your sleep? We’ve come up with a list of helpful tips to ensure you’re getting the sleep you need to be your best self each day!

  • Get into a routine. We all know that our bodies and minds love routines, so make sure to create a sleep/wake routine that works with your schedule and stick to it.
  • Limit caffeine in the afternoon. While many people have caffeine in the morning to get going, try to avoid this as the day rolls on. Caffeine can overstimulate the nervous system and interfere with winding down when it’s time for bed.
  • Reduce blue light exposure in the evening. Most of us are aware by now that blue light from phones and other devices can disrupt circadian rhythms. Turn off devices and the TV a few hours before you decide to turn in for the night. Alternatively, you can install an app that reduces the blue light emitted.
  • Avoid alcohol, smoking, and heavy meals before bed. All three of these can make it difficult to fall asleep at night. Alcohol specifically can reduce the nighttime production of melatonin, causing you to wake up or toss and turn at night. 
  • Optimize your bedroom environment. This is one of the easiest ways to ensure you’re setting yourself up for good sleep. Try to eliminate external light sources, keep noises at a minimum, and ensure the temperature is optimal to help you relax and fall asleep.
  • Consider adding a sleep supplement. Adding a supplement like Dr. Emil Nutrition's EZ  Doze or EZ Doze Plus to your nightly routine could help you get your best sleep possible.

Getting good sleep is important to our health, as it allows you to be productive and safe throughout your day. Stay healthy and don’t sacrifice your sleep anymore. Your body will thank you!

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