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Everything you Need to Know about Thesis Supplements + Improving Focus and Concentration

Thesis is a wellness brand that sells a variety of different nootropics. The use of nootropics can help improve mental performance in various areas such as creativity, memory, and motivation. These substances can also be combined with other healthy food and exercise to achieve your best results, and one of the most common nootropics we are familiar with is caffeine.

One of the top priorities of Thesis is to ensure that each product is safe. The FDA has strict regulations when it comes to the production of supplements, and the company only uses ingredients that are approved for use as safe by the agency.

All of the company’s facilities follow these regulations, and the nutrients used within the products are also tested by a third-party lab to ensure that they are of the highest quality. In this article, I will be covering both nootropics and Thesis supplements with points that include:

  • How nootropics work within our bodies
  • How nootropics affect our focus
  • Ingredients used in Thesis supplements and how they are effective
  • My very own XP/RX gaming supplements

How do Nootropics Function?

Studies have shown that nootropic supplements can improve a person's overall brain health and cognitive function. According to researchers, nootropics can work in different ways across different parts of the brain. It’s believed that these substances can improve the brain's functions and structures.

6 Brain Pathways Impacted by Nootropics

There are various nootropic mechanisms that can be used to enhance one's performance. According to experts and researchers, these pathways are focused on six main areas of the brain. Check them out!

Support Brain Energy

If the body can't provide the brain with enough energy, then mental fatigue and brain fog may develop. Low energy levels in the brain are linked to various forms of brain degeneration and cognitive decline.

Boosting the metabolic activity of the mitochondria, which are the powerhouses of the brain, can be done through the use of nootropics. These substances help transport fatty acid content into the brain cells.

The goal is to increase the cerebral uptake of nutrients and oxygen, which will then provide the brain with fuel for its energy production.

Brain Chemicals

The process of cell-to-cell communication known as synaptic transmission occurs when one neuron passes on brain chemicals to another.

When a chemical is transmitted to another neuron, it then passes through the other brain cells to reach its destination. This process, known as synaptic transmission, is considered to be a type of information transmission.

A healthy neurotransmitter status involves a variety of factors, such as the availability of various auxiliary factors like intrasynaptic enzymes.

When a chemical imbalance occurs at any of the steps in the neurotransmitter release, synthesis, or uptake process, it can lead to disrupted cognition and emotions.

Nootropics can optimize neurotransmitters by supplying brain chemical precursors and promoting neurotransmitter synthesis.

Support Cerebral Circulation

In order to maintain a healthy circulation, it's important that the brain receives the nutrients it needs and that the toxic substances are taken out of the tissue. This balance is important to the cognitive longevity of our aging population.

As people get older, their cerebral circulation will decline, which makes it an increasingly important concern. Complications from age-related cognitive issues and brain degeneration are linked to poor function in the vessels.

Nootropics can support cerebral circulation by making blood cells less “sticky” so they don’t cling together, along with promoting the relaxation of blood vessels.

Signs of cognitive impairment as you age include memory loss and not recognizing familiar people and places.

Raise Brain Waves

The electrical activity of the brain waves is measured by an electroencephalogram, also known as an EEG.

The different frequencies of the brain waves correspond to different kinds of mental states. For instance, the lower frequencies are associated with tired and daydreaming states. The higher frequencies are linked to alertness and quick thinking.

Some of the nootropics, such as L-Theanine, can stimulate the alpha brain waves, which are often used to promote alertness and creativity.

Support Neuroprotection

One of the main factors that can lead to neurodegeneration is the presence of the free radical. This unstable compound is associated with various age-related conditions, such as Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. Aside from these, other factors such as inflammation and amyloids can also affect brain health.

Compared to other types of nootropics, neuroprotection is not widely known for its ability to improve cognitive performance immediately. Instead, it is marketed as a long-term solution that can be used to maintain it. This is why many companies make these products, which are often referred to as "rewind time" supplements.

Nootropics can support neuroprotection by enhancing the brain's ability to fight the formation of protein clusters. They help to clear brain tissue of toxins and protect the brain from the negative effects that stress can have.

Support Neurodegeneration

The aging process has a negative effect on the brain, which can prevent it from functioning properly. Injuries are also more likely to leave dents within our brain as we age.

The brain is constantly in a state of simultaneous repair, death, and birth, which makes it use up a lot of energy to function properly. Having the proper resources and energy helps the brain maintain a balanced neurogenic performance.

A healthy brain can also engage in neuroplasticity, which is the development of new connections. This is because the brain's response to new experiences is to expand its synaptic connections.

In some cases, neuroregeneration can be helped by certain nootropics. They can be useful in addressing age-related changes to the brain.

10 Effective Ingredients used within Thesis Supplements

Thesis supplements are made with purpose, and formulated with top-quality vegan ingredients from all over the world. Check out the benefits of some of these ingredients and how they could benefit your brain to focus better!


Although not technically a vitamin, choline is an essential nutrient that can be used for a wide range of functions in the body, especially when it comes to brain function. It can also support healthy liver function and nerve movement.

Choline is a vital component of the brain's production of a key neurotransmitter known as acetylcholine, which helps with learning and concentration.

Alpha GPC

One of the most effective forms of choline is alpha GPC, which can help boost memory and attention. It also helps build the brain's membrane and contribute to the production of neurotransmitters that are important for cognitive function.

This form of alpha GPC is the exact same nutrient found in human and breast milk cells. It helps promote the development of new brain cells and maintains brain plasticity, two important factors in anti-aging.


Zynamite is made from 100% natural and clean-labeled ingredients, and can help boost physical and mental stimulation.

It is a patented ingredient that can help speed up mental activation and improve performance. It has also won numerous industry awards for its innovation and research, and is completely side-effect free!

For people suffering from cognitive stress, Zynamite can help boost their attention and improve their performance. It can also reduce their cognitive fatigue and improve their reaction time.


Known as a flavonoid antioxidant, epicatechin can be found in various fruits and vegetables, such as green tea, berries, and cacao. It belongs to a family of antioxidant compounds known as the catechins.

Studies have shown that epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is more powerful than epicatechin when it comes to fighting harmful free radicals.

However, newer studies suggest that epicatechin works by utilizing different mechanisms not found in other tea flavanols or epigallocatechin. In 2018, a study revealed that epicatechin can prevent various types of damage, such as the development of vascular dysfunction and oxidation. It can also affect metabolism in the body.

Drink more green tea and you might just notice some improvements in your focus and concentration!


High-performing athletes have been known to use teacrine for its ability to promote motivation, energy, and focus while also reducing irritability. Individuals who use this supplement for nootropic benefits report higher endurance and strength. Because of its nootropic properties, it is an ideal alternative for people looking to maintain their energy levels and focus during long periods of time.

Unlike other caffeinated drinks, teacrine can help boost your energy and mood without the need for additional doses.

Teacrine is also appealing because it has no effects on the cardiovascular system. It can act as a great alternative to caffeinated beverages because of how they can increase heart rate and blood pressure.


The effects of L-theanine on the brain are known to be beneficial. It can help with sleep and promote relaxation, and the chemicals in the brain known as the neurotransmitters work to control various emotions and behaviors.

L-theanine can improve a person's ability to focus and reaction time. It can also help with accuracy by reducing the number of errors that people make in tests of attention.

L-theanine can be used in combination with caffeine to improve a person's cognitive skills. These two substances can help with different functions, such as improving attention span and processing visual information.


Getting enough caffeine can help improve one's alertness and enable them to absorb new information quickly. This can be especially beneficial during a long study session as it allows one to retain more detail.

Studies have shown that coffee can help people absorb information for up to 24 hours.


The type of ancient herb known as ashwagandha is rooted in India's ancient tradition of medicine known as Ayurveda. It has gained popularity in the West due to the increasing number of people who are looking for ways to improve their health and balance their lives.

Ashwagandha can help people relieve stress and anxiety and boost their energy levels. It can also help them improve their concentration and focus. Despite its ancient use in alternative medicine, its popularity has continued to rise especially in recent years.

Ashwagandha is offered in three different forms, which include capsule, powder, and liquid extract. Image courtesy of Mountain Rose Herbs.

Sage Extract

The ancient practice of taking sage has been regarded as a way to improve the functioning of the brain. It contains powerful antioxidants that can help improve memory, concentration, alertness, and other cognitive functions. Numerous studies have shown that regular use of this herb can improve a person's memory and reasoning abilities. It can also help treat various mental disorders, such as Alzheimer's disease.


Ginseng is a natural herb used to improve memory, concentration, and stamina. It can also help boost immunity. This root is commonly sold as a tea or as an extract in capsule, liquid, and tincture. It is classified as Asian, Chinese, Korean, or ren shen.

Numerous active ingredients in ginseng contribute to its ability to improve focus and strength. These include ginsenosides, which are compounds that help the body function properly.

Dr. Emil’s XP/RX Gaming Supplement for Focus

Did you know that I recently came up with my very own gaming supplements, formulated with ingredients to improve focus? My supplements include ingredients such as teacrine, caffeine, dynamine, vitamin D, and huperzine A. Every ingredient is sourced for the highest quality and efficacy.

Pick up these supplements today and reap the benefits of less fatigue, enhanced memory, and improved cognitive control. Image courtesy of Dr. Emil nutrition.

Start incorporating my supplements along some of the other ingredients mentioned into your supplement regimen, and experience better focus and concentration in no time!

You should consult a licensed health care professional before starting any supplement, dietary, or exercise program, especially if you are pregnant or have any pre-existing injuries or medical conditions.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.