Multi Collagen Plus

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Super Collagen supplement made up of collagen I, II, III, V, and X for Skin, Hair, Nails, and Joint Support

Explore the Best Ways to Rebuild Collagen in Your Tendons, the Healthy Way

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One thing that flows through all of our tendons and muscles to help support them structurally is collagen. Collagen is important for our bodies because it is the main structure holding our tendons and muscles together, which actually makes up one-third of the proteins within our body. Collagen is essential for everything in our bodies, from our muscles, skin, bones, and so much more.

As we continue to age, and for many other reasons as well, we continuously lose the collagen within our bodies, and it’s important to keep it in our bodies so we can continue looking young and for many other health reasons. It’s common to lose the collagen in our tendons, and getting it back can be easier than you think.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about collagen and collagen supplements like Dr. Emil's Multi Collagen Plus capsule, including:

  • What is Collagen?
  • How Can We Damage Collagen?
  • How Can We Rebuild the Collagen in Our Tendons?

What is Collagen?

Get familiar with what it is and how important it is for our bodies!

Collagen is a useful protein within our bodies and it’s important to learn about how useful it is and what it really does! Image courtesy of Verywell Health. 

Learning more about what collagen is will help you to understand why it is so necessary for our bodies. Collagen makes up more than one-third of the protein within our bodies and it is considered a fibrous protein that can be found in many different spots throughout the human body. It can be found in your tendons, skin, hair, nails, bones, and so many other places-- basically everywhere!

Collagen has the very important role of being the main structural protein within our bodies because it helps to hold everything together. Your body already makes collagen all on its own, through different processes within the body, and through vitamins and minerals. As we continue to get older, we lose collagen, and it can be difficult to get it back and for our bodies to produce it all on its own. When it comes to rebuilding collagen, consider taking collagen supplements!

Key Takeaways:

  • Collagen is the main structural protein that holds everything together within our bodies.
  • Collagen can be found in many different parts of our body, such as our hair, nails, bones, tendons, and much more.
  • Our body can make its own collagen, such as multiple processes, and even vitamins and minerals. 

How Can We Damage Collagen?

Learning how we can destroy collagen can help us to fix our bad habits!

There are many ways that you can damage collagen within your body, so make sure to learn how to prevent it from happening. Image courtesy of Gundersen Health System.

Since collagen is so important to our bodies, you would think we would have an unlimited supply right? Sadly that’s not the case. There are actually many different ways to destroy collagen in the body and it can all happen from simple things. From what we eat everyday, being outdoors, and even bad habits can make it difficult to keep collagen within the body.  

Ways to damage the collagen in our bodies:

  • Eating too much sugar
  • Eating refined carbs
  • Smoking
  • Too much sun exposure
  • Aging
  • Chemical peels
  • Autoimmune disorders

It’s important to know and become familiar with just how easy it is to damage the collagen within your body. Simple things we do each and every day can have a huge impact on how we treat our bodies, and more specifically, how the collagen in our body, which is one of the most important structures, is doing and how to keep it intact.

How Can We Rebuild the Collagen in Our Tendons?

Find out how to rebuild collagen with these simple ways today!

man running
Figuring out ways to rebuild the collagen in your tendons is important, so fix this issue within your body with these simple steps! Image courtesy of Science. 

Tendons are important because, like ligaments, they help to connect the muscles to the bones within your body, and if there’s not a lot of collagen within your tendons, then it can increase your risk of injuries to your body and they can even restrict your movement. The good thing about all of this is that there are so many easy ways to be able to rebuild the collagen in your tendons and you can find out now!

How to fix the collagen in your tendons:

  • Adjust your diet
  • Lift appropriately heavier weights
  • Exercise daily
  • Get enough sleep
  • Take collagen supplements

By simply doing healthy things, such as getting enough sleep at night, eating good nutritious meals, and even exercising, you’re on your way to improve your overall health with rebuilding the quality and the amount of collagen you have.

It’s also important to take note of a few things pertaining to collagen supplements. For many people once they start taking collagen supplements, it can be difficult to stick with the routine of taking them every day. Why do you ask? Well, simply because they take a little longer for any results to show up and to notice a difference within your body. Many people have noticed a difference in their body within four to six weeks of using collagen supplements. 

It can be a little bit discouraging once you begin taking them because you can’t see the results immediately, but just know that with a regular routine of taking them, you’re bound to see results and you’ll be able to rebuild the collagen in your tendons in no time.

Understanding and learning what collagen is is the step in the right direction. Once you know what collagen is and where it is within your body, it’s important to keep it healthy since it structurally maintains and supports your tendons, ligaments, nails, and skin. Talk to your doctor about collagen, collagen supplements, and how to rebuild collagen in your tendons today!

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