Multi Collagen Plus

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How Collagen Can Help Your Hair

Collagen and its potential uses have been discussed at length by wellness experts, the medical community, and even popular lifestyle/beauty vloggers and bloggers. Although not quite the fountain of youth, collagen is touted to help with nearly everything from younger looking skin, less painful joints, better gut health, to longer hair and nails.  

Many people in particular have turned to collagen to give them the strong, healthy, and long hair that they desire, but how do you know if it’s right for you? Well, glad you asked, because in this article we’re going to break down:

  • The role of collagen in your body
  • How it may help with your hair
  • Top collagen products to help your hair

What Does Collagen Do in the Body?

Collagen is an essential part of your body

woman looking in the mirror
You may see firmer skin when you add a collagen supplement. Image courtesy of Cedars-Sinai.

Everyday we’re bombarded with products and advice that claim to offer us younger, more youthful looking skin, more beautiful hair, and gorgeous nails. A lot of these products that claim to do this boast of including collagen as an ingredient, since collagen is one of the main building blocks of skin, bones, hair, muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons. And while it is true that collagen is what keeps our skin firm and plump and our hair shiny and healthy, can you really replace collagen that is lost as we age? 

That’s right, unfortunately our bodies start to produce less collagen (and of a lower quality) as we age. That’s why some of the first signs of aging include wrinkles, sagging skin, and more brittle hair and nails. Long term studies have yet to be done on whether or not taking collagen supplements can help with this fact, however, collagen supplements are considered safe, and many people rave about what they have done for their skin, hair, and nails. Interested in seeing what collagen could do for your hair when you include it in your daily routine? Let’s talk about some of the possible benefits that come with the addition of a collagen supplement. 

Key takeaways:

  • Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body and is responsible for building skin, hair, nails, muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons.
  • Collagen production naturally decreases as we age.
  •  Adding a collagen supplement (or eating collagen rich foods) might help with smoothing your skin and getting healthier hair and nails.

How Could Collagen Help Your Hair?

Can you really get longer, healthier hair just like your favorite beauty vlogger claims?

woman's hair being styled
Collagen contains the building blocks that may help improve hair growth. Image courtesy of Grazia Daily. 

If you think that your hair could use a little extra boost, you’ve probably read about the potential benefits of adding collagen to your lifestyle. Many people in the beauty and wellness industry swear by the fact that collagen has given them the length, strength, and shine that they desired for their hair. While everyone is going to have a different experience when it comes to achieving their hair goals, there are a couple of reasons why adding collagen to your routine to help out your hair might be a good idea.

  1. Collagen provides the building blocks to grow hair

Hair is made up mostly of keratin, and since collagen contains the amino acids required to help build keratin, it may help you grow your hair as well. When you take a collagen supplement, you’re adding the amino acid proline to your body, which in turn can be used to create keratin, and thus grow your hair. 

  1. Can help fight hair damage

We may not realize it, but our hair goes through a lot. Whether it’s stress, pollution, or a poor diet, our hair can experience the side effects of these issues, like free radicals. While we may not be able to completely eliminate stress or get away from all pollution, by taking collagen, you can help fight the free radicals that damage hair. Collagen provides an antioxidant source that can work to eliminate the free radicals damaging your hair.

  1. May prevent thinning hair

Collagen is a major component of the dermis layer of skin that contains the root of hair follicles. As we produce less collagen, the dermis is replenished less often, which could result in thinning hair. By adding a collagen supplement, you may be able to help nourish the skin from within, allowing the dermis to foster healthier hair roots. 

  1. Could prevent excess gray hair

Although age-related graying is largely due to genetics, there is still the issue of the damage done to color producing cells by free radicals. Because collagen is rich in antioxidants, adding a supplement could help give those melanin cells a boost in their fight against free radicals from stress, the environment, and poor diet. This might be enough to slow down the graying process.

Best Collagen Product to Give Your Hair a Boost

Want to add a collagen supplement to your routine to help out your hair? This is our pick

Dr. Emil Nutrition Multi Collagen Plus

Dr. Emil Nutrition collagen
This supplement is so easy to take, just sit back and wait for the results.

This collagen supplement is your one-stop-shop for helping to give your hair the boost it needs. With five different types of collagen derived from bovine, marine, eggshell, and chicken sources, this supplement is so easy to include into your lifestyle. It also includes BioPerine to help your body easily absorb the collagen so that it gets to work fast helping out your skin, hair, nails, joints, and gut health. By adding this supplement, you’re ensuring that your hair is getting all it needs to keep growing and stay healthy.

“Within a very short period of time, I noticed that my nails were growing quicker than usual. And shortly after that, I noticed the same thing with my hair. My hairdresser even commented that my hair seemed fuller and seemed to be growing quicker than usual and commented that my skin looked better…” -Amazon Review

Adding a collagen supplement to your day couldn’t be easier. If you do decide that adding a collage supplement to help your hair is right for you, consider trying Dr. Emil Nutrition's Multi Collagen Plus capsule and just wait for the results! 

You should consult a licensed health care professional before starting any supplement, dietary, or exercise program, especially if you are pregnant or have any pre-existing injuries or medical conditions.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.