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How to Choose an NMN Supplement

As we get older, our bodies naturally begin to change. Some changes are more noticeable than others like aching joints or wrinkled skin, while others are changes we can’t see like changes to our heart health. So what can you do about these symptoms of aging? Changes to your health routine like a healthier diet, exercise, and supplement use can help. There are many things you can do to prevent signs of aging, but supplement use is one of the easiest and most effective.

In this article, we’re going to be focusing on the last one: supplement use. Specifically, we’re going to look at nicotinamide mononucleotide, or NMN, supplements. NMN supplements can be taken for many reasons from simply wanting to improve your overall health, to an anti-aging supplement that can help combat those pesky side effects of getting older. Whatever the reasoning for taking NMN supplements, the benefits are generally all the same. 

By the time you’re finished reading this article, you’ll know what NMN is, how to pick the right NMN supplement, as well as the benefits and possible side effects of incorporating this supplement into your daily diet. And with his background in medicine, you’ll know for sure that the information you receive from Dr. Emil is reliable and backed by research. So as you read, consider if NMN supplements are right for you and which one you should take. 

Here is a list of what you can expect as you read through this article:

  • What NMN is and how it works in our bodies
  • How to pick the right NMN supplement for you
  • The benefits of taking NMN supplements
  • Some side effects of adding an NMN supplement to your daily health routine 

Knowing how NMN works is essential when trying to pick the right NMN supplement for you and your personal health journey.

What is NMN?

What is NMN and how does this supplement work within our bodies? 

NMN is a supplement that can do so much and help you feel better, even as you age. 

Most commonly taken as a way to alleviate or prevent certain side effects of aging, NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) is an oral supplement that can help you feel younger. When taken daily, you can prevent some aspects of aging and improve some health areas that often worsen as we grow older. But how does this miracle supplement work?

When taken orally, NMN is absorbed by your body and converted into nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+). NAD+ is a coenzyme that the human body (as well as most living organisms) naturally produces. Like many aspects of our body, as we age these coenzymes begin to decline. In fact by the time we reach middle age, the NAD+ levels in our bodies drop almost in half from what they were when we were younger. 

When your body is properly making NAD+ you might notice higher energy levels and a faster metabolism. Higher NAD+ levels can also help protect your cells from disease and illnesses related to aging. So naturally when you take an NMN supplement, you’ll notice effects that combat these symptoms as well as other symptoms that often come along with aging. Just make sure you choose a reliable NMN supplement to get the job done. 

How to Choose an NMN Supplement 

Picking the right NMN supplement is one of the most important steps 

Picking an NMN supplement can be based on the many different factors of your health. 

So now that you have an idea about what NMN supplements are, let’s get into how you can choose the right one for you. There are many things to consider when choosing an NMN supplement. When deciding to add any supplement to your diet it is important to do your research so you know all of the facts. But with so much information out there, it can be overwhelming to sort through it all. 

Specifically for NMN supplements, make sure that the reviews and site you are buying your supplements from are reliable sources. Supplements that are reviewed by real people can help you get a better idea about the quality of the supplement you are buying. Tons of reviews (both the good and the bad) from real people can give you a better picture of what to expect and how well the supplement works. Buying an NMN supplement that is backed by a real doctor is also a good sign. 

A good example of a reliable NMN supplement you can implement into your daily health routine  is Dr. Emil’s NMN supplement that is not only backed by a doctor with medical experience, but is supported by science and promoted by major manufacturers. Dr. Emil himself has personally researched the effects of NMN and has applied his findings to his popular supplement. 

Benefits of NMN 

Let’s take a look at the top benefits of taking NMN and how it can affect you 

Taking NMN has many benefits for you and your health. 

NMN has many benefits on the body, but it is most commonly used as an anti-aging supplement to help fight against the effects that aging has on the body. However, NMN can have a positive effect on many other aspects of your health. Some of these benefits can include:

  • Helping to manage diabetes
  • Helping to improve brain health 
  • Improving heart health 
  • Regulating your sleeping patterns for a more restful night 

When taken as a way to ease the effects of aging, the benefits of NMN are similar. But we’re going to take a closer look at some of these benefits and the science behind them. We’ll also look at some of the other positive effects you might notice after taking an NMN supplement. Some of these supplements that you can expect to see include the following:

1. Longevity 

Incorporating an NMN supplement into your daily health routine can help with longevity. NAD+ activates a group of proteins (sirtuins) in your cells that helps to repair your DNA. This interaction is associated with longevity, and it has been shown that lower levels of NAD+ in the body can lead to age related illnesses. 

2. Get Better Sleep

NMN supplements are known for helping you to regulate your sleep patterns. Sleep is an important aspect to anyone’s health in making sure you feel your best, but it is especially important as you grow older. Regulating your sleep can lead to more energy throughout the day. 

3. It Might Help Protect Against Cancer

Having higher NAD+ levels can help to protect the cells in DNA from damage and oxidative stress which in time can lead to cancer. While there’s no direct link between NMN supplements and the prevention of cancer, increasing the NAD+ levels in your body can’t hurt. 

4. Have Healthier Looking and Feeling Skin 

Your skin is one of the most prominent places on your body that the effects of aging are most obvious. Taking an NMN supplement can help fight against these effects by helping your skin appear firmer, stopping sagging and wrinkles, and preventing age spots from appearing on your skin. 

5. Managing Diabetes 

Diabetes is a challenging disease by itself, but as you age it can become harder and harder to handle and keep under control. Diabetes and lower levels of NAD+ have been linked together, so it makes sense that as your NAD+ levels decline with age so will your battle with diabetes. To help combat this, using an NMN supplement to raise your NAD+ levels can make your diabetes a little easier to manage. 

6. Help to Regulate Obesity 

Similar to diabetes, lower levels of NAD+ in the body can be traced to obesity in both men and women. While NMN supplements aren’t advertised for weight loss and it is not proven that taking them can help you manage obesity, increasing your NAD+ levels with NMN supplements can help manage diseases linked to obesity like diabetes and might make it easier to manage your weight. 

7. Heart Health Benefits 

Heart disease and risks have been tied to lower NAD+ levels, so raising these levels with an NMN supplement is a good step to take when trying to take back control of your health. Increasing your NAD+ levels can also help to maintain other side effects that occur because of heart diseases. 

8. Brain Health 

NAD+ levels can help with the production of proteins that can help to guard brain cells against mitochondrial function and oxidative stress that are often linked to diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Side Effects of NMN 

There are minimal side effects to taking NMN supplements, but staying on the lookout is always a good idea

NMN can help to improve cognitive functions. 

There are minimal recorded side effects of taking NMN supplements and it is considered a fairly safe supplement to take. However, while there aren’t many recorded side effects, supplements can affect everyone differently so it is important to consult your healthcare provider before adding a new supplement to your daily health routine. Your general care doctor knows you and your health history best and will be able to tell you if an NMN supplement is a good choice for you. 

If NMN is the right supplement for you, start your new health journey today. 

If you’re considering adding an NMN supplement into your diet, first consider if you need to take it. In short, anyone can take NMN supplements but if you’re someone who is opposed to supplements then understanding why you might need it can help you make a decision. If you’re in your early teens then taking an NMN supplement might seem unnecessary. But on the flip side, the sooner you start incorporating NMN supplements into your diet the longer it can work and the better the results. 

If you do decide that taking an NMN supplement is the right choice for you, then use this article as a guide to better understand what NMN supplements do, how they work, the benefits of adding these supplements to your health routine, and what you can expect. And as always, consult your general health care provider with any questions or concerns you might have about your health, these supplements, and the side effects you might experience. 

You should consult a licensed health care professional before starting any supplement, dietary, or exercise program, especially if you are pregnant or have any pre-existing injuries or medical conditions.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.