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How To Detox Your Liver

You heard it in high school anatomy class and during your last checkup at the doctor’s, but allow me to reiterate how vital your liver is in sustaining your health. 

It’s a super important organ. 

That’s why being conscious of your liver health is a crucial aspect of maintaining your well being. A healthy liver will keep your quality of life high and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle any problems life throws your way.   

Life doesn’t often go as planned, though, and sometimes your liver faces hardships that threaten its health. When faced with these complications, you might feel as though you are powerless to do anything, but that simply isn’t true. A liver detox can be all you need to get your health back in order. Want to know how to detox your liver? Keep reading!

Is A Liver Detox Necessary?

The liver has many responsibilities when it comes to maintaining your health. As your body’s primary filtration system, your liver works to clean the bloodstream, process nutrients, and convert toxins into waste products. It’s a pretty self sufficient organ and seems to need no external help in achieving its duties, most of the time. 

Despite its great capabilities, the liver can have its own share of struggles. If your health is on the decline and you aren’t taking any steps to improve it, your liver can suffer some serious consequences. 

Detoxification is a normal process of the liver, but poor health can make it difficult for the liver to undergo a natural detox. When you notice issues in your liver’s ability to adequately function, you will need to intervene with a detox brought on through your own efforts.  

A woman makes a heart with her hands on her stomach.
Your liver naturally detoxifies itself and filters out toxins in the bloodstream, but it can struggle to do its job when other aspects of your health are poor. Promoting a liver detox will help get your liver back on track. 

What Contributes to Liver Problems?

Any number of diseases can cause issues to your liver, but there are other factors that play a role in developing these diseases in the first place. Some common risk factors include chronic alcohol abuse, the accumulation of fat in the liver, and certain chemical compounds. 

There are also elements that may contribute to liver disease. Having a particular genetic disposition to liver disease will put you in a tough spot even if your health seems fine otherwise, so it’s best to be mindful about the medical history of your family. 

How to Promote Detoxification of Your Liver

What You Can Do

Just because your liver has never failed you during those heavy nights of drinking as an undergraduate student doesn’t mean that it is invincible. Eventually your actions will catch up with you and you’ll find yourself in a situation where the normal detoxification processes of your liver aren’t working like they should be, but you won’t be powerless. You can promote a natural liver detox of your own and restore your health!

Dandelion Root 

Dandelion has cleansing properties that can help in promoting a liver detox. The antioxidants present in dandelion aid in relieving the liver of oxidative stress, allowing the organ to perform its duties. Dandelion also adds a boost to your digestive health by inducing bile production.  

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle has been used for thousands of years due to the health boosting effects of its active ingredient silymarin. Silymarin is believed to have antioxidant properties that can help the liver fight off free radicals. 

Evidence suggests that milk thistle plays a role in reducing inflammation, restoring damaged tissue, and protecting liver cells. Like dandelion, milk thistle also works to promote a healthy liver detox. 

Some dandelions are in a pitcher filled with water.
Natural supplements like dandelion root and milk thistle contain components that boost your liver health and are perfectly safe for your body to digest. 

How To Keep Your Liver Healthy

You haven’t been keeping good tabs on your liver health and now it’s beginning to catch up with you. The future may certainly seem bleak right now, but never forget that you still have the ability to make smart choices that will help you out in the long run. Some options include the following:

  • Complete exercise routines
  • Consume alcohol in moderation
  • Eat a diet rich with nutrients
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Promote a liver detox with supplements

Liver Supplements

You’ve already heard plenty regarding supplements, I’m sure. You might be a fan of them or you might think they’re bogus, and with how many ineffective options are currently in the market it isn’t surprising to realize just how many people doubt their abilities. 

What you might not know, though, is that the ingredients that supplements contain are what contributes to their effectiveness. If you pick up any old supplement from the shelf and don’t bother doing your research, you’ll probably end up with a product that either isn’t for you or doesn’t contain the proper components to help you. 

Put some effort into selecting the best liver supplement for you and see the beneficial qualities it can have for you!

Dr Emil's Liver Aid.
Dr. Emil’s Liver Aid is filled with natural ingredients that work to promote liver detoxification and restore your liver health. 


Never gamble when it comes to your liver health. Though the liver is a strong, resilient organ capable of performing amazing jobs, there are moments where it could use your help. If you sense that something is off, don’t hesitate to see a professional and learn what steps you need to take to revitalize your liver. 

In the meantime, make healthy choices in your daily life and watch as your body thanks you for it. Your liver does a lot for you, so do your part to help promote a liver detox. 

You should consult a licensed health care professional before starting any supplement, dietary, or exercise program, especially if you are pregnant or have any pre-existing injuries or medical conditions.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.