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Interested in Foods to Help Your Gut? Here Are the Best Gut Healing Foods Out There

Main image courtesy of Healthline. 

There is nothing more important in life than eating healthy. Trying to eat the proper foods that will make your body happy is just what you need to support every part of your body. Maintaining a healthy diet is essential to a long lasting life where you can maintain your weight, or even lose weight if needed. From making sure you eat your fruits, vegetables, protein, and more, eating the right foods is what will keep your body healthy in the long run. 

Maybe you are someone who gets an upset stomach frequently and if so, have you ever thought that it may be because of your diet and what you’re putting in your body? Eating healthy is essential, especially for the overall health of your gut. If you are considering trying to turn things around and eat healthier, why not consider some gut healing foods to explore and try out?

Lots of food out there that is healthy for your gut and can help your digestive tract as well. Why not try out some of our favorite gut healing foods now!

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  • Why is Gut Health So Important?
  • What Are the Signs of an Unhealthy Gut?
  • Gut Healing Foods You Need

Why is Gut Health So Important?

Gut health is extremely important, but how important is it really? We got your back!

Gut Health
Gut health is extremely important and it is essential to know exactly why that is so you can do something about it! Image courtesy of Healthline. 

Are you someone who has ongoing gut issues that need to be addressed? You may try to overlook the importance of taking care of your gut health, but it is important in order to lead a life that makes you both happy and healthy.

The most important thing to learn about right here and right now is what is the gut composed of? When people think about their gut, many seem to think it is just the place for food to be absorbed, digested, and then excreted. Well, there are actually lots of microorganisms that live within your gut and to be more specific about three hundred to five hundred live within it. 

Many of these microorganisms can be harmful to your gut, but many more can actually be good for it too. The good kinds of microorganisms within your gut can help to keep your immune system healthy, combat obesity, fight symptoms of depression, and many more benefits as well. 

Gut health is ultimately important because if your gut is healthy, then the rest of you is healthy. Keeping your gut healthy is essential when it comes to staying healthy, so make sure to make it a priority to take care of it.

What Are the Signs of an Unhealthy Gut?

Keeping your gut healthy is important, but are you missing any warning signs?

Unhealthy Gut
An unhealthy gut can cause a lot of issues when it comes to your overall health, so make sure you know the warning signs! Image courtesy of eMediHealth. 

Maintaining a healthy gut is important, but how do you know that your gut may be potentially unhealthy? There are some warning signs that you can look out for, both that are noticeable and maybe ones that would slip under the radar. 

Here are some of the warning signs of an unhealthy gut:

  • Upset stomach
  • Trouble sleeping at night
  • Food cravings especially towards sugar
  • Skin irritations
  • Constant mood changes
  • Autoimmune issues
  • Migraines
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Intolerant to certain foods

Learning the warning signs early on can tremendously help you in the long run. Detecting these warning signs and even just understanding and learning more about your family and genetic history can also help you to understand any ongoing gut issues you may have as well.

Gut Healing Foods That You Need

Enjoy these delicious foods that will help whip your gut back into shape in no time!

Happy Gut
Understand that gut health is important and also try out some of the best foods that will heal your gut in no time! Image courtesy of Heart Foundation. 

There are lots of amazing and delicious foods that are good for your health. While you may think they are all eccentric and something that you may not like, you may actually be in for a surprise when finding out just how great all of these gut healing foods are. Being able to make new recipes with a combination of these foods, or even just trying them out for the first time can make your gut a whole lot healthier and happier.

Some amazing gut healing foods that you need to try include:

  • Yogurt - source of the friendly bacteria that is in your gut
  • Miso - full of healthy enzymes and bacteria
  • Sauerkraut - contains probiotics, fiber, and vitamins
  • Sourdough - more digestible than regular bread
  • Almonds - contains probiotics
  • Olive oil - fatty acids and polyphenols are in it to reduce inflammation
  • Peas - contain fiber
  • Brussel sprouts - contain fiber that good bacteria like
  • Bananas - full of fiber and healthy minerals
  • Garlic - has antibacterial and antifungal properties
  • Ginger - Helps make stomach acid and stimulates the digestive system to keep food moving throughout your gut

There are so many different types of food that can be considered gut healing foods. From fruits, vegetables, and much more, almost all of these foods can be mixed into your favorite dishes to help promote a healthy gut. No matter which of these foods you like more than others, why not add more of it to your diet in order to keep your gut happy and healthy!

Get the Benefits of a Full Plate of Gut-Healthy Foods on the Go

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Keeping your gut healthy is so important for your overall health. It’s important to know the signs of a healthy gut and to also learn how to take care of it. With some amazing gut healing foods that you can try out, you can turn your gut health around for the better in no time. And don't forget to supercharge your efforts to care for your gut and pick up Dr. Emil's Total Gut Complex today!

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