Learn Jenn Brown’s Exercise Travel Tips to Stay in Shape On the Go

Main image courtesy of Jenn Brown. 

Are you struggling with trying to workout when you’re on-the-go? Whether you’re going on vacation, travelling for work, or are even just not going to be at home for the weekend, it can be a struggle to figure out exactly how you can get your daily workout in. Sure, you can try to fit in a run, quick callisthenic session, do some yoga in your hotel room, and more, but what if you feel it’s not working for you?

Learning how to get a good workout when you’re travelling can be challenging. With the help of Jenn Brown, the new contributing editor to Dr. Emil, she has just what you need in order to help you through your fitness journey while you’re on-the-go. You can learn more about Jenn Brown’s history, her tips and tricks, and more to get into the best shape of your life!

Continue reading to learn:

  • Who is Jenn Brown?
  • Exercise Travel Tips with Jenn Brown
  • Extra Fitness Tips You Need to Know

Who is Jenn Brown?

Learn who she is and her influence on fitness and staying in shape as a woman!

Jenn Brown
Jenn Brown has been an influence on women’s fitness, along with her new role in Dr. Emil! Image courtesy of Muscle Prodigy. 

There are a lot of women that have been an influence to other women when it comes to fitness and sports. One of those women is Jenn Brown, who is a two-time Emmy Winner and the new contributing editor for Dr. Emil Nutrition. Dr. Emil Nutrition, a supplement company providing healthy tips for both men and women.

Jenn Brown has been involved in the world of fitness and sports for many years. She spent eight years as a reporter and host for ESPN and has even spent two years as a studio host and reporter for the NFL Network. She has also been featured in ESPN’s Primetime Thursday Night, Saturday Afternoon College Football Games, the College World Series, and so much more. Alongside working for Dr. Emil Nutrition, she is currently the host of American Ninja Warrior and Bellator MMA. 

For years, Jenn Brown has been committed to health, fitness, motherhood, technology, and lifestyles and her mission is to help give advice to be able to focus on these aspects of your life in order to lead you down the right path to get the job done right.

Her website features her comprehensive viewpoints on everything from sports and the latest news on the UFC, American Ninja Warrior, and more. She also shares her experience on motherhood and raising two boys, health tips and even her favorite food recipes, travel and beauty tips, and different gadgets or technology she loves having in her home. 

Exercise Travel Tips With Jenn Brown

Get in shape with one of the experts in the field, even if you’re travelling!

Woman Doing Yoga
Looking to get in shape even if you’re always running around and doing something? Here are Jenn Brown’s top exercise tips to stay in shape on-the-go! Image courtesy of Destination Deluxe. 

Are you looking to get in shape, but you’re also someone who is travelling or on-the-go in some way, shape, or form? Jenn Brown knows all about that and she is here to help you out! You may think that you need to go to a gym with heavy equipment, or even just have a bike to get some cardio in, but truth be told, you just need some simple and practical workout equipment to keep you in shape.

The three practical training aids that you need are:

  • Resistance bands
  • Resistance band loops
  • Sliders

Resistance bands are the equivalent of using weights at the gym. They are lightweight and perfect to take with you whenever you’re travelling because they can fit right in your suitcase and you can take them anywhere. Using resistance bands are perfect for exercises such as bent over or seated rows, lateral raises, tricep kickbacks, and even lat pulldowns.

The next piece of equipment you should get are resistance band loops to help do exercises like front squats, leg extensions, lateral band walks, and glute bridges to work on your lower half to keep your legs and glutes in shape.

The last thing you will need are sliders, which are perfect to use on any flat surface. Using sliders for ab workouts are very difficult and intense, but the results are what will change your mind in the long run. You can also use sliders for mountain climbers, lunges, body pikes, and more.

Extra Fitness Tips You Need to Know

Want to stay in tip top shape? Here are some extra fitness tips from Jenn Brown herself!

Make sure to eat healthy, exercising every day, along with other fitness tips from contributing editor of Dr. Emil Nutrition, Jenn Brown! Image courtesy of Ask the Scientists. 

There are so many more ways to stay healthy and happy. With supplements, eating healthy, and exercising every day, the road to a healthier lifestyle is in your cards. Jenn Brown offers lots of incredible tips and tricks in order to stay happy and healthy with so many different creative ideas!

In the “Health” section of her blog, she talks about a lot of things to help you get ready for your fitness journey. She mentions wireless earbuds and how they are the best workout companion, the Nordictrack S221 Studio Cycle to get you biking away this summer in the comfort of your own home, and even healthy recipes to keep you in shape and giving your body what it needs. 

Jenn Brown is an inspiration to people who are looking to improve their body and achieve their fitness goals. She is also endorsing and promoting Dr. Emil’s MANA supplement line for women that can help them to better achieve their body goals with pre workout, post workout, and other useful supplements.  

Jenn Brown is truly a woman to look up to in the fitness world, dominating the major networks and showing women how important it is to focus on your health, body, mind, and other aspects of your life. 

Continue to learn about Jenn Brown as the contributing editor of Dr. Emil Nutrition and make sure to try out her travel tips and tricks on working out no matter where you are!

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