Understand the In-and-Outs ofSupplements with Dr. Emil Hodzovic

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Taking supplements is one of the best things that you can do for your body. There are lots of vitamins and minerals that we may not be getting enough of each and every day, so supplements are a great way to be able to get whatever you’re missing in a small little pill. From pre workouts, to protein supplements, vitamin C, and lots more, there are a lot of supplements to help fill the void of what your body may be missing.

In a recent “Ask Me Anything” interview with Dr. Emil Hodzovic, Dr. Emil covered nutrient timing with some of his favorite supplements from the Dr. Emil Nutrition line, MANA and FORTIS. MANA and FORTIS are Dr. Emil’s premium line of sports nutrition products, so they can help you on your weight loss journey, and lots more. 

Continue reading to have all of your questions answered and more:

  • What Are the MANA and FORTIS Supplements?
  • Your MANA and FORTIS Supplement Questions Answered
  • Are Supplements Right For You and Which Ones Should You Purchase?

What Are the MANA and FORTIS Supplements?

Supplements are an important part of everyday life to put you in the right direction healthwise!

Jenn Brown and Supplements
The MANA and FORTIS supplements by Dr. Emil are truly incredible when it comes to helping you change your body! Image courtesy of Business Wire. 

With so many supplements out there, it is crucial to pick out the ones that are good for you and your health needs. Dr. Emil’s supplements can do a lot for you, especially their premium line of sports nutrition products. It’s easy, the MANA products are for women and the FORTIS products are for men and they consist of pre-workout, BCAAs, vegan powder, vegan protein, and a post workout recovery.

All of these supplements can help to increase your performance when exercising, get protein sources if you’re not getting enough from your diet, give you energy, and even optimize your recovery after a long and tough workout. All of these supplements can also help you to get other key ingredients that you may need as well!

There are a lot of questions to be asked about supplements, especially sports nutrition and performing ones. Dr. Emil Hodzovic can answer all of your questions about why these supplements are so crucial!

Your MANA and FORTIS Supplement Questions Answered

Dr. Emil Hodzovic answers all of your most popular questions to decide if they’re right for you!

Dr. Emil Hodzovic
Dr. Emil Hodzovic is the expert behind all of your frequently asked questions about sports nutrition supplements! Image courtesy of Dr. Emil. 

When first starting out and using supplements, there are a lot of questions that you may have, especially sports nutrition ones. Wondering if certain supplements you need or don’t need, what one supplement can help do, and lots more may be among some of the questions you may have.

Dr. Emil Hodzovic comes to the rescue by explaining some of your frequently asked questions about sports nutrition supplements and what they can do for you in his most recent “Ask Me Anything” interview.

Question: Pre-workouts are not created equal… What are the key ingredients to look for in a pre-workout supplement?

MANA Pre-Workout
Pre-workout is essential to your daily diet and also helps to keep you energized as you workout. Image courtesy of Dr. Emil Nutrition. 

There are a lot of useful ingredients in pre-workout supplements, so adding it to your daily diet before you go exercise for the day can help show incredible results. Dr. Emil Hodzovic explains that caffeine, theanine, and theacrine are the key ingredients in pre-workout supplements, with caffeine being among the most powerful.

Caffeine continues to keep you going even if you are tired and even helps to increase mental focus. Theanine helps to “take the edge off” while corresponding with caffeine to keep you going, and finally, theacrine is an energy-booster to keep you motivated throughout your workout.

Interested in purchasing pre-workout? Try out MANA pre-workout supplements for women and FORTIS pre-workout supplements for men by Dr. Emil Nutrition!

Question: BCAAs are another popular supplement… Are they good for anything beyond hydration?

BCAAs can help hydrate you, help you have a better workout, and also help give your body the protein that you may be lacking. Image courtesy of Dr. Emil Nutrition. 

BCAAs are branched amino acids that consist of ingredients such as leucine, isoleucine, and Valine and they are essential amino acids at that. Dr. Emil Hodzovic explains that they not only help with giving you an energy boost as you workout, but they are also great whenever you are lacking protein in your diet. 

This supplement helps promote muscle protein synthesis to keep your muscles intact, strong, and even help them to recover after a long workout. Dr. Emil Hodzovic also stresses that you can get BCAAS by incorporating meat or whey in your diet.

Interested in purchasing BCAA supplements? Try out MANA BCAA supplements for women and FORTIS BCAA supplements for men by Dr. Emil Nutrition!

Question: Dr. Emil - When is the best time to take protein?

MANA Vegan Protein
Vegan protein is essential to take after you workout to help you either gain or lose weight. Image courtesy of Dr. Emil Nutrition. 

This seems to be a question that lots of people had, so we are glad that Dr. Emil Hodzovic talked about this question! Dr. Emil Hodzovic explains that protein should be taken throughout the day, but especially after you are finished with a workout. This can help to gain or even lose weight and a lot of protein is necessary no matter what your fitness goals are.

Protein can be taken in many different forms, such as delicious food that you can cook yourself, and even a tasty shake that you can consume after exercising. However you decide to take protein is totally up to you, but it is essential that you take it throughout the day and after working out too.

Interested in purchasing protein? Try out MANA Protein for women and FORTIS Protein for men by Dr. Emil Nutrition!

Question: Hey Emil - If I’m already taking protein, why do I need a post-workout supplement?

FORTIS Post Workout Recovery
Post-workout recovery is perfect to help support muscle recovery after an intense workout and to help strengthen your body too. Image courtesy of Dr. Emil Nutrition. 

While many believe that post workout supplements are not important after exercising, especially if you are already taking a protein supplement, they actually help tremendously. Dr. Emil Hodzovic explains and even stresses that protein won’t help to optimize your recovery, and post-workout supplements will help more than you know.

With a few key ingredients such as Sustamine, Glutamine, and Ashwagandha, they can help you improve the strength in your body, help your muscles recover, and even help fuel them to keep them growing as well.

Interested in purchasing a post-workout? Try out MANA Post-Workout Recovery and FORTIS Post-Workout Recovery for men by Dr. Emil Nutrition! 

Are Supplements Right For You and Which Ones Should You Purchase?

Knowing Dr. Emil Hodzovic’s advice, your own doctor’s advice, and your own fitness goals, this will lead to your decision!

Couple Working Out
Learn about sports nutrition supplements and determine what is right for you based on the advice provided by Dr. Emil Hodzovic and your doctor! Image courtesy of Healthline. 

There will always be a supplement out there that is right for everybody. No matter what your health goals are, or even your fitness goals are there is a supplement out there to help improve your body and health to change your life for the better.

Taking the advice of Dr. Emil Hodzovic is very helpful, but you should also continue to seek out medical advice from your doctor on what may be best for you. Make sure to consider taking both your doctor’s and Dr. Emil Hodzovic’s advice and get excited about changing your body for the better!
Consider taking Dr. Emil Nutrition supplements today and see the amazing benefits that come from taking them!

You should consult a licensed health care professional before starting any supplement, dietary, or exercise program, especially if you are pregnant or have any pre-existing injuries or medical conditions.

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