When Should You Take Glutamine? (Complete Guide on Glutamine)

Whether you are first starting your fitness journey or you have been grinding for years, knowing exactly when to take certain supplements is no easy task. There is tons of research out there citing different times for protein consumption, creatine uptake, and any other supplement you may be using to reach your fitness goals. 

One supplement you may have come across is glutamine. There are a multitude of benefits to taking this supplement which we’ll get into later in the article. In fact, we’ll end up giving you a complete rundown on glutamine and everything it has to offer. Specifically, we’ll talk about:

  • What is Glutamine?
  • What are the benefits of Glutamine?
  • When should you take Glutamine?
  • Where can you get Glutamine?

What is Glutamine?

An image of what glutamine is.
Glutamine supplements are easily mixed with water to form a tasty drink. This makes them super portable for on the go people with busy schedules.

In simple terms, Glutamine is an amino acid. An amino acid is a building block for proteins that your body uses for a multitude of purposes including muscle recovery. It is naturally found in the body, but can be further supplemented to reap the benefits even more. The supplements are created by a fermentation process in which bacteria produce glutamine and then manufacturers harvest the excess glutamine and put them into supplements. 

There are even a number of medical uses for Glutamine such as treatment for sickle cell disease, surgery recovery, bone marrow transplants, and many more. These medical uses are extremely important in the healthcare field and result in glutamine being used quite widely for recovery from various illnesses and surgeries. However, this article will mainly focus on the benefits associated with fitness and daily health rather than medical use. 

What are the benefits of Glutamine?

An image showing the benefits of glutamine.
There are tons of benefits to Glutamine that perfectly complement an active lifestyle. Even if you are not as active, there are still many benefits you could be getting!

Considering that glutamine is an amino acid, one of the main benefits of it is in muscle recovery. Studies on glutamine show that it plays a significant role in decreasing muscle soreness, promoting muscle growth, and decreasing recovery times. If you are looking to build muscle and recover from your workouts faster, glutamine may be a great place to start.

Another benefit of glutamine is promoting immune support and intestinal health. Having a strong immune system is crucial during fitness journeys as intense workouts can tend to lower your immune system as your body recuperates from the workout. A strong immune system will help you fight off illnesses and allow you to stay in the gym rather than staying at home sick!

All of these benefits help aid in post workout recovery. The majority of the benefits you receive from intense exercise happen after the workout as your body works to recover. Muscles are built through the recovery process as they rebuild stronger after your workout. Since post workout recovery is so important, glutamine is a great option to help aid the process!

When should you take Glutamine?

An image to show the timing of glutamine.
Timing supplements is one of the hardest parts to maintaining a perfect workout regimen. Find out exactly when to take Glutamine for maximum benefits!

Now that you know all the different benefits of glutamine, it begs the question of when you should take it. The most agreed upon timing for glutamine is within thirty minutes after your workout. By taking it right after your workout, your body will have maximum amounts of glutamine to aid in the recovery process.

As stated in the benefits section, glutamine plays an important role in the recovery process. By ensuring you have enough glutamine in your body, your post workout recovery will be both faster and more effective compared to having a normal amount of glutamine. For maximum results, consume a glutamine supplement within thirty minutes after your workout.

Where can you get Glutamine?

An image of Dr. Emil's glutamine product.
Dr. Emil provides Glutamine based products perfect for the active individual. There are many different ingredients included in the post workout recovery supplement with tons of benefits! Image courtesy of dremilnutrition.com

Now that you have seen all the benefits of glutamine, where can you get a reliable source of glutamine? The best source we have found for glutamine is through Dr. Emils Post Workout Recovery supplements. This supplement contains a considerable amount of glutamine to ensure you receive all of the usual benefits associated with glutamine, but that is not all.

This supplement also contains Sustamine which has been shown to help aid in absorption of glutamine by nearly 200%. Improving your absorption rate of glutamine will help to ensure you get every benefit of glutamine as fast as possible. 

Another benefit to this supplement is that it contains Ashwagandha. This ingredient helps to increase mood, promote stress relief, and provide sleep support. As stated earlier, many of the benefits associated with exercise happen post workout. Furthermore, many of these benefits tend to happen while you sleep. This means that it is of the utmost importance that you get a great night's sleep every night. By having a supplement that promotes healthy sleep cycles, you can be sure you will get a full eight to nine hours of sleep every night. 

This supplement comes in three capsule servings meaning it is super easy to take with you on the go. Simply take three capsules after your workout and then you can forget about it! For all of your post workout recovery needs, try Dr. Emil’s Post Workout Recovery supplement!

A conclusory image for glutamine.
Glutamine can help take your fitness journey to the next level!

By now, you should have a good idea of what glutamine is, when you should be taking it, and where you can get it. Armed with this information, you can now go implement them in your own daily regime and reach your fitness goals ASAP!

You should consult a licensed health care professional before starting any supplement, dietary, or exercise program, especially if you are pregnant or have any pre-existing injuries or medical conditions.

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